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heavy-duty aluminum telescoping Push Pole
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We offer a complete pushpole kit consisting of a 12' telescoping pole, push pole head, paddle, point and our hard bottom foot with decoy retrieval hook.  

We also sell "Super" Duxwax, the best commercial wax available for feather removal. Duxwax instructions are included on our web site.

See Our Products page for pushpole product details and prices.
Using the automatic push pole head to get through the mud and weeds
Push your boat

Retrieve decoys

Use as a walking stick

Paddle your boat or kayak

Stablize your boat

Keep your gun dry
Using the push pole as a walking stick
Push Pole for Retrieving Decoys
Using the push pole point to stablize my boat
Using the push pole paddle attachment to paddle my canoe
Rich-Mar Push Poles are quality tools for duck hunters. The push pole and attachments allow you to:
" There aren't many people left in the world who will do business on good faith and a handshake anymore. God bless you. I enjoy doing business with you."  
Frank Montalbano, Florida Fish & Game
 "Just a note to tell you how happy I have been with your Push Pole.  I bought your kit and they have saved me hours of misery on several occasions. I am glad I purchased the kit with all the attachments as I use all of them. Thanks for making & selling such a quality product."  Tom Martin, Houston, TX
Gun Buddy - Keep Your Gun Dry
" I purchsed 2 slabs of your duxwax on advice from a man who raises ducks in bulk. He suggested waxing to get the feathers. Wow, did this ever work! Thanks you for a great product. We plucked and had 6 ducks in the freezer in less time than it usually takes us to do 6 chickens. Thanks again."  
Jeanine Leiting, Ackworth, Iowa

The Original Push Pole

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